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 It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Riverdale Community Unit School District #100. Riverdale was founded on sound educational decision making over fifty years ago, by consolidating four small rural high schools into one proud community unit school district. During those fifty years, Riverdale has evolved into a “lighthouse” for learning, providing quality educational opportunities for all students in grades pre-k through twelfth grade.

Nestled in a rural setting, just off of the banks of the Mississippi River, are our three school buildings where an abundance of learning takes place. All three of our schools are located on the same academic campus, which also plays host to a variety of athletic fields and outdoor education centers.

This quiet location was not chosen by accident, as it sits in the geographical center of our 86 square-mile school district. Scattered within these District boundaries are five small communities with their own uniqueness, and several new housing developments with acreage to spread out and enjoy raising a family. Shopping and recreational opportunities abound in each of the communities, or just a quick drive to the Greater Quad City area.

Good students, good families, and good teachers are the heart and soul of the Riverdale tradition. Year after year, our students rank at, or very near the top of the list of schools succeeding academically.

The combination of solid academics, an abundance of extra-curricular opportunities, and a tremendous amount of support from our parents and community, make Riverdale a great place to learn and live. We invite you to learn more about our prideful and welcoming school community. Please call or stop by anytime.

Riverdale Board of Education