Mr. Temple's Board Report

Aug. 26th , 2019

Thank you:

-Thank you to the Riverdale Board of Education for supporting a vision and carrying it through to completion.  The renovation and security improvements at the elementary have surpassed expectations. The new space is welcoming, secure and something to be proud of.  All of our families, new and old will be happy to see the new spaces that have been created. I hope this is the first step of many to bring renovation and improvement to all of our learning spaces in the district.

-Thank you also to all the staff that have helped to make the transition into the new office as smooth as possible.      


  • All Federal and State grants have been completed and submitted to ISBE - Preschool For All, Title I, Title II, Title IV and the Consolidated Grant.

  • The move to the office is nearly complete pending the filing of some paperwork and arranging furniture

  • We hosted our first IEP in the new conference room - what an upgrade to host a meeting in a more appropriate and professional environment.

  • Ag Day events have been set into motion with the event itself being hosted on Friday

  • The elementary and PTO will be forgoing the annual fall fundraiser for a different type of a program.  We will be participating in a Read-A-Thon this year. This requires no sales, incentives, loss of instructional time for assemblies to build excitement or disruption to our normal routine.  It will support our efforts to encourage reading and challenge students to read more.

  • Backpack night was well attended as always.  It serves as a great way to break into the new year and drop off the load of supplies needed for the new school year.

School Improvement

  • SIP team will be meeting after school today to address the following topics:

    • Emergency procedures

    • Growth Assessment - Freckle/SeeSaw

    • Spelling

    • Student recognition/character building

  • We are again taking up the Scholastic Reader Sponsorship.  We need donors to sponsor classes through Scholastic Inc to provide a book for each student each month throughout the school year. $9 covers one student for the entire year. Last year we covered everyone in grades K-3.  We hope to do the same again this year.

  • Grades K-5 are using an online program called SeeSaw to support communication, involvement and transparency in the classroom. This is the first year that all of our grade levels are using the same online program for this purpose. 

  • Grades K-3 attended training Aug 5-7.  The training focused on our new ELA materials, guided reading, phonics and word work.  The new curriculum from Fountas and Pinnell will align instruction and assessment across the building once fully implemented. 

Upcoming events:

  • Aug 27th - Pre-K Parent Night

  • Aug 29th - PTO meeting

  • Aug 30th - AG Day

  • Sept 2nd - Labor Day No School

  • Sept 13th - Homecoming

  • Sept. 18th - 4th grade Grandparents Day

Jason Dennhardt